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In 2013 we attended the Alvis Register Rally in Hampshire and the Chanteloup les Vignes hillclimb just outside Paris; later in the year we went to Giverny, home of Monet.

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January 2013

In early 2013 a friend of mine reshaped the wood frames of the doors to reduce the draughts and to make it look better; mostly it does although there's a tad more patina than this time in 2012!…see how it was done in the Blog (February 14th 2013).

March 2013

With winter curtailing most things including our annual visit to the Pioneer run I took the opportunity to have the front shock absorbers rebuilt; I started to do it myself only to discover that the accident (see page 13) which a previous owner had in the 1960s had left some of the bits too misshapen for me to correct so I sent them off to a specialist….and a very good job they did.

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June 2013

(Start Mileage = 6,694)

In June we went to the hill climb at Chanteloup where I incorrectly diagnosed the slipping clutch as too much oil in the engine whereas it was just the clutch needing to be taken up. Consequently I didn't climb the hill but subjected the other two Alvises to a 35 mph 100 miles drive back to Dieppe….sorry.

...later in June 2013

The following day the oil was changed, the clutch adjusted and three days later we drove down to the Register rally in Hampshire where we met about another forty Alvises. On the way there the speedo juddered and screeched to a halt so that was repaired very efficiently by Martin Shaw; now I just await a new clutch cable as a previous owner had tried to pour the motoring equivalent of a quart into a pint pot and flattened the outer cable...

(Mileage @ 30th August = 7,161)

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September 2013

(Mileage @ 20th September = 7,311)

September 20th saw us heading back to France in company with 24 other vintage and classic cars for a trip to Monet's Gardens, his house and the excellent Mechanical Museum at Giverny, on the Seine about eighty miles south of Dieppe. There were too many of us to go in convoy thank goodness!

We were B&Bing at Giverny but were a little delayed by the Riley 9 we were travelling with do something strange to its SU - one of the SUs absolutely refused to close its butterfly.

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Saturday we spent in the beautiful gardens along with the rest of the population of Northern France. On Sunday there was a 'brocante' which they only hold once a year - the place was mobbed; I sought the peace and quiet of the Mechanical Museum. And then there was the boat trip and the dinner for all fifty of us.

Monday was a leisurely drive back to Dieppe; we stopped off on the way for lunch when I thought that rather than eat 'cheval' I would try Strasbourg sausage thinking I would be lording it like an EU bureaucrat - I was very disappointed to find that these translated as Saveloys. Should have paid more attention at school I suppose.

(Mileage @ 23rd September = 7,502)

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