Prices & Service

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Payment by Results!

1. For £195 I will produce you a six page website plus a Contact page and a Sitemap. (£35 in second and subsequent years)
2. I will host your website for 12 months on
3. You will have a sub-domain name such as like registration numbers they are unique.
4. I will design the website as I understand your brief.
5. I will make the website live for you to check and you can suggest any changes you want.
6. Only when you are happy with it will I charge you, in £STG - NO upfront cost!
1. Brief me on what you think you want.
2. Supply me with any photos, ideally digitally although I can scan them for you at no additional cost...within reason!
3. Send me links to any movies you may have on YouTube or Vimeo or send them to me on a USB drive.
4. Send me any articles in digital format; you can send them to me in hard-copy but I would have to charge you extra, and I'm not a fast typist!